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Welcome to Brian's Car Care!

We have been upgrading and outfitting all kinds of vehicles since 1991.
Celebrating 33 years in business!
All work is strictly done by appointments only!


We offer:

  • Safe, Secure Parking Lot & Key Drop

  • We are a Fully Insured Business

  • Emergency Vehicle Detailing

  • Emergency Mess Service

  • Ceramic Coating Maintenance Plans

  • Fleet Account Services

  • Police, Fire, Military, & Senior Discounts

  • Police, K-9, EMT, & Fire Vehicle Outfitting

On-site Fleet Services
Detailing and outfitting available for Police, Fire and Emergency vehicles

Our special services include:

  • Remote Car Starters & Alarms

  • Heated Car Seats

  • Reverse Backup Cameras

  • Reverse Mirror Kits

  • Car Audio Installations

  • Apple Car Play & Android Auto

  • Key-less Entry Units

  • LED Lighting

  • Snow Plowing Vehicle Lighting

  • Strobe, LED Lights & Flashers

  • Handheld Light Controllers

  • 12-Volt Diagnostics & electrical repairs

We take great pride in being a go-to service provider for those who protect us:


Here are some of the types of vehicles we service:

As of November 1, 2023 we will no longer offer detailing for personal vehicles.
We will still offer the same great service in the following areas:
Detailing - fleet vehicles only
Ceramic Coating - all vehicles
Electronics Installations - all vehicles

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