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We are professionally certified to offer the application of ceramic coatings. They last longer than any wax or non-ceramic sealant available; it doesn’t only last months, but years! Depending on the package, our ceramic paint protection can last anywhere from 2-7 years. That means protection for virtually the life of your vehicle!  In fact, it also improves the resale value of your vehicle.

Ceramic coatings give you a glass finish - at showroom perfection - and protect your vehicle by resisting dirt, scratches, fire, chemicals, and so much more. The ceramic coating 9h hardness also allows your vehicle to be UV resistant and 3x more scratch-resistant.

When it comes to ceramic coatings, we use nothing but the best for our clients.

We offer the best brands in the industry for ceramic coatings: Dinowax, Epic Pro, Duraslic, & Gtechniq.

Please note: a spray on ceramic coating is NOT the same as a professional ceramic coating, the spray coating will last up to 5 months and not the 2-7 years of a industry grade ceramic coating.

We also offer coatings for undercarriage, wheels, trim, & glass.

Please call us for more information.



SMALL (2-year) $699-$1899

Coupes, Sedans, Small 2 seat trucks

MEDIUM (3-year) $799-$1999

Mid-sized cars, small 4 seat trucks & crossover SUV's

LARGE (5-year) $899-$2199

Mini-vans, full-size trucks and SUV's

EXTRA LARGE (7-year) $999-$2999

SUV's with 3 rows of seating

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