Please Note:
Any vehicle that needs a commercial detailing service the vehicle will need to be looked at in order to give a price. NO pricing is given over the phone. Thank you!

Detailing Packages

Commercial & Emergency Vehicle Detailing (5+ hours needed)
Prices: $200.00-$450.00 
(Additional cost for excessive filth, dog hair, vomit or other issues)


    • Tires, wheels and fender wells thoroughly cleaned

    • Exterior is hand-washed using a car wash/wax shampoo.

    • Excess water is carefully blown off and vehicle is hand-dried.

    • A 2-step process restores luster to the paint, “seals” the clear coat and protects the paint from the environment:

      • Paint is lightly buffed with a DA polisher to remove oxidation and light scratches (This service does not include over-spray removal or paint correction).

      • A coat of collinite super double coat wax applied by hand to provide maximum protection.


    • Door jams and moldings are cleaned and tires dressed.

    • Carpets and upholstery are completely shampooed

    • Detailed cleaning for all areas, including door panels, dashboard, instrument panels, gauges, vents, sun visors, steering wheel and column, cup holders, etc.

    • Windows cleaned inside and out.

    • Car scent added.

Commercial Exterior Only
Price: $175.00 & up
Complete hand-wash, tar, buff, and wax for exterior, rims/tires, wheel wells, windows, and full detailing.

Commercial Interior Only
Price: $175.00 & up
Complete interior cleaning, including windows cleaned inside and out, mirrors, seats & rugs vacuumed and shampooed, thorough detailing of rest of interior.

We Also Service Other Vehicles!
Commercial Detailing: $200- to $450-
Emergency Vehicles: $250 to $500-
Fleet Vehicles, Tow Trucks: $300 to $700-
Trailers: Per Estimate
Dump Trucks: Per Estimate


Additional Services

Paint Correction
Pricing: Requires an Estimate
Fixes light scratches, swirl marks, light oxidation, and scuffs.

Paint correction is a labor-intensive task that requires a paint correction system for the entire process. The entire process is very complex and should only be done by a certified detailing professional.

Keep in mind that your investment is on the line and ignoring the coating of your car can lead to untimely and costly repainting your vehicle. 

Let us help!

Car Alarms & Remote Car Starters
Pricing: $249.00 and up!

We offer the latest options and top brands in security & remote starter installation.

This service does NOT void a vehicle's warranty if installed correctly! 

Heated Seat Kits
Pricing: $199.99 - $499.99

And more!!!

Clay bar cleaning: (per estimate)
Compounding: $20.00 - $100.00
Dog Hair removal: (per estimate)
Excessive Tar removal: $60.00 - $150


Leather conditioning: $25.00
Over-spray removal: $25.00 (per panel)
Paint removal: $50.00 - $250.00
Tree sap removal: $50.00 - up