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Please Note:
Any vehicle that needs a detailing service will
need to be looked at in order to give a price.
NO pricing is given over the phone. Thank you!

Customer & Commercial Vehicle Detailing

Commercial & Emergency Vehicle Detailing
(5+ hours needed)

Price: $225.00-$450.00 
(Additional cost for excessive filth, dog hair, vomit or other issues)


    • Tires, wheels and fender wells are thoroughly cleaned

    • Exterior is hand-washed using a car wash/wax shampoo.

    • Excess water is carefully blown off and vehicle is hand-dried.

    • A 2-step process restores luster to the paint, “seals” the clear coat and protects the paint from the environment:

      • Paint is lightly buffed with a DA polisher to remove oxidation and light scratches (This service does not include over-spray removal or paint correction).

      • A coat of collinite super double coat wax applied by hand to provide maximum protection.


    • Door jams and moldings are cleaned and tires dressed.

    • Carpets and upholstery are completely shampooed

    • Detailed cleaning for all areas, including door panels, dashboard, instrument panels, gauges, vents, sun visors, steering wheel and column, cup holders, etc.

    • Windows cleaned inside and out.

    • Car scent added.

Exterior Only
Price: $200.00 & up
Complete hand-wash, tar, buff, and wax for exterior, rims/tires, wheel wells, windows, and full detailing.

Interior Only
Price: $200.00 & up
Complete interior cleaning, including windows cleaned inside and out, mirrors, seats & rugs vacuumed and shampooed, thorough detailing of rest of interior.

We Also Service Other Vehicles!
Emergency Vehicles: $250 to $500+
Fleet Vehicles, Tow Trucks: $300 to $700+
Trailers: Per Estimate
Trucks: Per Estimate
RV's and Motorhomes: Per Estimate


Additional Services

Paint Correction Service
Pricing: Requires an Estimate

Fixes light scratches, swirl marks, light oxidation, and scuffs.

Compounding: $30.00 - $120.00
Dog Hair Removal: (per estimate)
Excessive Tar Rem
oval: $100.00 & up

Leather conditioning: $25.00
Over-spray removal: $
25.00 (per 
Paint removal: $60.00 - $250.00

Tree sap removal: $60.00 & up

Car Alarms & Remote Car Starters
Pricing starts at: $249.00 and up!

The capability to start your vehicle remotely is a great addition to your vehicle, especially considering the technology now incorporated into these useful devices:

  • Integration with iPhone and Android phones to remote start your vehicle

  • Start your vehicle with your Apple Watch

  • Effective range even inside buildings and from a variety of distances

  • Confirmation of commands on remote or the app

  • Display of vehicle temperature on the remote control or app

  • We use Directed electronics products and offer a lifetime warranty on the unit


This service does NOT void a vehicle's warranty if installed correctly! 

Tint samples.jpg

Other Installations & Services


  • Window tinting- 35%, 20% and 5% NO TINTING ON WINDSHIELDS OR LIGHTS

  • Pressure Washing Services (Fleet vehicles, homes, decks, roofs, gutters, driveways)

  • Reverse back up cameras and mirror kits

  • Heated seat kits front and rear seats

  • Key-less entry units

  • Snow plowing, DPW vehicle outfitting (lighting and accessories)

  • Police, Fire, EMS vehicle lighting and outfitting

  • Car audio installations, apple car play and android auto radios

  • Siren and speaker module kits

  • 12-Volt Diagnostics such as battery drains, alarm/remote start repairs, video system repairs, light-bar repairs, electrical services, and much more.

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